Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decorating eggs,...... ;) ;)

Hello, today I had an entertained day while I was decorating my eggs, I was looking for all my  home,  things for ideas to decorate.

First I decoupaged, I used the wrapping paper of my favorite chocolate and tissue papers.

To finish I put a nice ribbon and one bead. ;)
Then When I was cooking I found my Noddles and I thought Why not?  ..I used 2 kinds: One was small flower and the other one was  the Alphabet.

I used Acrylic Paint 

And  I found my Pom Poms  and I decided to use it.. Used the blue , yellow and pink ones , then I cut in small pieces.

I think that my Eggs are Funny, and I still looking around to get more ideas.. :)  I hope that you like and I would like to Know your opinion ,Thank you so much
And Have a great day ;)


  1. How creative? I've been looking all week for things to use to decorate my eggs. What a great idea. I just love to visit your blog, it makes me smile. Thanks! Happy Easter!

  2. You are so creative...who would have thought of using those things to decorate? I love them:)


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