Sunday, January 23, 2011


My Husband want me  to make one  for him…He loves Snoopy:

I think It could be a great gift for Valentin day ;)

Back side step by step:

I used the Thunder Blue color Acrylic paint like first color
First, I painted the back side of my old clip board
I need a hard brush, is you have old one, use it.. then It have to be dried a lit bit, use the paper towel
then, I made stroke all board, first one direction then other direction ..We need to get the jean's effect
I had to use the thunder blue color again and I made shadow in all border, and I tried to draw the jean's shape in part of the waist.
I used the liner brush with white color to made short lines in all shadows that I did with the blue color
I got the snoopy's picture from the internet , I printed and cut, but we need a new one on white paper.

When I finished to draw, I just cut it

I chose different square color papers, some heart chape, then I have to figure out how I want it on the board, the I start to decoupage .

I used the liner brush again but with black color to paint all the snoopy's shape..Just do the stroke with small waves

then I started to make shadows on all picture

I used it 4 times to get a beautiful effect

For the other side, I did the same steps for the back side…and just I painted the Snoopy (all is painted)

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