Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fabric Flower

Holitas Friend, I found  How to make a Fabric flower..I think Its a good Idea because we can add it in any craft

Holitas Amigas..encontré por la web como hace una flor de tela, me parece una muy buena idea, porque podríamos agregar esta flor en cualquier manualidad que realicemos. 

1.- Cut Six circles in cloth(fabric) , preferable cotton or linen.
2.- It doubles every circle to the half,  again to the half, forming four quadrants
3.- Do the same with the others to join all of them in the center.
4.- Sew a covered button, which covers the center.
5.- Sew behind a circle in cloth for better completion..
6.- Give him form to the petals, use the hands
and I list!

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