Friday, April 29, 2011

Reward Box for My Son

Hello , My son Matthew is 5 years old , sometimes Its hard to get his attention. For that Reason I decided to make a Nice Reward box for him. My son is actually being good, He has a great teacher but the parents need to work in home, in order to raise good kids, every family needs a reward system. The kids need be incentived.

It will keep your child motivated and excited  Part of the incentive is to keep  a steady , visual reminder of what your child has accomplished.

For Reward box I used a box, but you can use shoe box If you don't have any on hand, You can go to Walmart at 11:00pm  In this time They always put the new products and they pull boxes out. 

Here is my box That I got from them ;)

I had to close very well all the box I cut a small square in the middle.

The I used all different papers, colors I have a lot of them, trim paper as needed to fit all. It was a good way to recycle my papers.

Spread a thin layer of MODPODGE decoupage glue onto the surface of the box using the sponge brush. Coat the paper with another thin layer of glue, I covered all the box.

Then I used my black SHARPIE marker and drew all square and made small lines , like you can see the picture.

 Its very important to put paper tape to protect the hands of  the kid.

Then I cut Lines of red foam to put  in all border.

To make the lid I cut 5 pieces of hard cardboard .

Then I glued one part onto the other one.

Then I covered all parts with red foam.

 I have a lid that slides.

If you don't have glitter letters you can cut the letters from different newspapers or magazine.

Fill with little toys and treats, it can be purchased in dollars stores , Michaels has a section "everything $1.00" if you use a coupon It will more cheaper. 
or you can use the plastic eggs to put inside a piece of paper such as a coupon with " out to ice cream" written on it.

Now my reward box is ready and my Son is very excited and now he wants to make homework , He wrote his name in 4 days.. and now we help me to pick up all his toys.

Its very important to keep out of the children.

I Hope that you like it, I would like to know your opinion , please leave a comment and
have a good day ;)


  1. Juli que lindoo esta esa cajita ... muy interesante, mis hijos ya hubieran jalado la silla y cojerla jajajaja

  2. How cute is this? I would ahve loved a reward box just like it when I was little!

  3. This is an EXCELLENT idea and just what I was looking for. thanks


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